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Register for PMBus® Website Access


You are eligible to register if your company is a PMBus adopter in good standing.

Once you are registered, and you log in, a link to the Adopters Area will appear near the upper right corner of the page. In the Adopters Area you can download current PMBus specs. You can also download adopters-only documents, which can include draft specs for review.

You must apply using your company email address: an email address with a domain we recognize belongs to your company. If you need an exception to this rule, you need to contact the SMIF administrator at admin@smiforum.org.

Please allow up to one full business day for your application to be processed manually.

If you have any questions or problems, see the register and login help page or contact the SMIF administrator at admin@smiforum.org.

Website Access Request for PMBus®️ Adopters

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