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DBR-3200 series

3200W 1U Rack Mountable Charger Module with PMBus Protocol

DBU-3200 series

3200W Intelligent Charger with PMBus Protocol


1U 19” Rack Shelf for up to 4x3200W DRP-3200 and DBR-3200 Modules

DPU-3200 series

3200W Single Output Enclosed 1U AC/DC Power Supply with Optional PMBus protocol

DRP-3200 Series

3200W Rack Mountable Front End Rectifier with Built-in I2C Interface supporting PMBus

HEP-1000 series

1000W Fanless Intelligent AC/DC Power Supply and Charger with PMBus


1000W AC/DC Series Wiring Type for Harsh Environments

PHP-3500 series

3500W Fanless Water-cooled AC/DC Power Supply with PMBus

PHP-3500-HV Series

3500W High-voltage Universal AC Input and 115V, 230 or 380V Output and PMBus