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CoolX3000 Series

3000W Intelligent User-configurable Modular with up to 24 Outputs and PMBus Communications

CoolX3000 Excelsys
CoolX600 Series

600W Fanless Modular Supply with Natural Convection Cooling in Compact 8.5 x 4.5 x 1U Package


400W 1U Non-Redundant 80Plus™ Gold Multi-outputAC-DC Supply with PMBus


650W 1U Non-Redundant 80Plus™ Platinum Multi-output AC-DC Supply with PMBus

iMP Series

iMP series (intelligent medium power) configurable power supplies with PMBus

iVS Series

iVS series (intelligent high power) configurable power supplies with PMBus

MEG-A Series

Up to 2100W Medical/Industrial AC-DC Configurable Power Supply

MU4 Series

600W / 800W 1U Modular Power Supply with PMBus

QM4 Series

550W / 650W Modular power supply with PMBus