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MinnowBoard Linux platform

Provider: Embedded Linux The MinnowBoard project is an open hardware platform that uses Intel Architecture. While the project, overall, is focused on hardware there are a lot of things surrounding this effort that can, and are, useful both to the project and to the greater open source community. As such the MinnowBoard project (from a GSoC perspective) is more of an umbrella giving a home to a number of other projects to collectively work on and around the enablement of the MinnowBoard. The SMBus 3.0 specification was recently released, and Linux does not fully support the changes to the specification, and the MinnowBoardMax drivers do not fully support the specification. The SMBus driver architecture and API needs to be updated as well as adding full support for MinnowBoardMax. There are Haskell modules available for USB and UART, but not for I2C/SMBus/PMBus. Tool builders and robotics enthusiasts in the functional programming community could use supporting modules.