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Cobham Semiconductor Solutions is a PMBus adopter effective April 2018

Cadence Design is a SMIF and PMBus tools member effective January 2018

NXP is a PMBus adopter effective August 2017

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) is a PMBus adopter effective July 2017

Acbel is a PMBus adopter effective July 2017

Micro Computer Control Corporation (MCC) is a SMIF and PMBus tools member effective January 2017

Bellnix is a PMBus adopter effective December 2016

Solu-M is a PMBus adopter effective December 2016

Efore is a PMBus adopter effective October 2016

Rohde & Schwarz is a PMBus adopter effective September 2016

FDK Corporation is a PMBus adopter effective July 2016

Excelsys is a PMBus adopter effective March 2016

TDK Lamda is a PMBus adopter effective January 2016

PMBus in the News

 April 2018 New PMBus Application Profile released: PMBus Application Profile for DC-DC Power Modules revision 1.0

 March 2018 SMBus specification revision 3.1 released

 March 2018 Digitally Adjust DC-to-DC Voltage Regulators: A PMBus-Controlled Current DAC in All About Circuits

 November 2017 Tomorrow’s Artificial Intelligence Presents a Significant Power Challenge in Power Systems Design (PSD)

 October 2017 Benefits of Power System Telemetry Using PMBus

 October 2016 Efore Joins PMBus Adopters as It Prepares for the IoT

 August 2016 “Introduction to the AVSBus™” by Bob White (.pdf, 4 pages, 911 KB) cover story in Bodo’s Power Systems August 2016

FDK Joins the System Management Interface Forum (SMIF) and becomes a PMBus adopter

 March 2016 Excelsys Technologies Joins Growing Ranks of PMBus Adopters

 February 2016 PMBus presentations at APEC 2016 Industry Session  Electronic Specifier

 March 2014 Altera is a PMBus adopter  Power Systems Design

PMBus™ new website announcement  Power Systems Design

Travis Summerlin discusses PMBus 1.3 with AVS in this podcast.

Micro-Tech ConsultantsPower Electronics Industry News,
V 222 March 2014, Page 12

 November 2013
CUI Podcast mentions PMBus Revision 1.3 with AVS

 September 2013
New PMBus+ Spec Includes Dedicated AVS Bus, EE Times


 September 10–12, 2018
PMBus Conference & Expo, Dallas, TX

 March 17–21, 2019
PMBus at IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC) 2019, Anaheim, CA
 March 8, 2018 PMBus presentations at APEC 2018, San Antonio, TX

 March 26–30, 2017 PMBus presentations at APEC 2017, Tampa, FL

 March 20–23, 2016 PMBus Seminar March 20 and Industry Session (IS10) March 23 at APEC 2016 in Long Beach, CA.

 March 15–19, 2015 PMBus presentations at APEC 2015.

 March 16–20, 2014 PMBus speaks at an APEC Industry Session and hosts a Q&A to discuss PMBus Revision 1.3 with AVS.

PMBus Conference & Expo
Sept 11–12, 2018
Dallas, TX

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