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If your company is a SMIF member listed at, apply here for access to the members area. If your company is also a PMBus® adopter, you get access to the PMBus adopters area as well

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Older PMBus® Specifications

PMBus® adopters in good standing can download the current PMBus 1.3.1 specification by logging in and going to the home page.

All others can get the specification by emailing

  • Be sure to include your request, your full name, and your company name in text in English in the body of your email.
  • Normally, the current PMBus specification will be delivered to you by email before the end of the next business day.
  • Note: We may use the email address you supply to contact you regarding PMBus.

Older spec: PMBus 1.2

Older spec: PMBus 1.1

Older spec: PMBus 1.0

Working groups

The PMBus working groups are advancing the PMBus specifications. Joining SMIF and becoming a PMBus adopter allows you to participate the working groups, and provides a mutual license to the resulting specification. To apply to join SMIF and the PMBus group, follow the instructions on the Join PMBus page.

Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC)
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix AZ
21–25 March 2021

Membership has new web-based
advantages for adopters.

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