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Giveaway: APEC 2018 Pass

APEC pass

The PMBus® raffle of a Full Conference badge to APEC 2018 is completed. Congratulations to this year's winner, Thomas Rottach with Rohde & Schwarz! For those of you who will be visiting San Antonio for APEC, be sure to visit the PMBus booth (#440) to see the live product demonstrations and attend the PMBus-focused presentations during Thursday morning's industry sessions.

SMIF would like to thank all the other persons, PMBus members and non-members alike, for your participation in the raffle. The questions you answered regarding present and planned adoption of the PMBus protocol helps to monitor our progress.

PMBus®: Power Management Defined.

The Power Management Bus (PMBus) is an open standard power-management protocol. This flexible and highly versatile standard allows for communication between devices based on both analog and digital technologies, and provides true interoperability, which will reduce design complexity and shorten time to market for power system designers.
Pioneered by leading power supply and semiconductor companies, this open power system standard is maintained and promoted by the PMBus Implementers Forum (PMBus-IF), a forum comprised of over 30 companies who have already adopted this standard, and have realized how to make power delivery more energy efficient.  Join us today to become part of this exciting time in redefining power management.

APEC March 4–8, 2018
San Antonio, TX
Booth 440

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